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Approx 5% sunlight penetration

Dark Tint

Approx 20% sunlight penetration

Medium Tint

Approx 35% sunlight penetration

Light Tint

Approx 50% sunlight penetration

Car tinting by Mr Tint Car Tints

Reasons to use Mr Tint to tint your car

1 - Purpose built car tinting bay

Here at Mr Tint we have a purpose built tint bay on the premises. Whilst your car windows are tinted, the bay will only contain your car and the fitters who are working on it. This will help avoid any accidental damage by other works or operatives and will keep dust levels down to a minimum. Having other workers in the area can lead to dust contamination under the film. We also use filtered water system to ensure no water contamination can get under the film.

The purpose built tint bay is a great factor in the quality of your car tinting end product, a luxury not afforded to mobile fitters, or those who may operate from temporary premises. Here at Mr Tint by ADS Window Films, our name is above the door and has been for many, many years.

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2 - Computer-aided car film cutting

The team here at Mr Tint use the latest computer technology to custom cut the window film specifically to fit your make and model of vehicle. This ensures a perfect cut, every time. This process also completely eliminates the danger of accidental damage to your vehicle's glass or paint work, caused by the out-dated method of cutting the film on your car with knives, a method still practiced in the industry, today.

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3 - Peace of mind with meaningful warranties from long established reliable company

Most reputable car tinting companies will offer you a warranty for the car tints they apply but have you ever stopped to think how much that warranty is really worth? Many cheaper companies may offer you the warranty and no longer be around to honour it, in a couple of year's time, as they have moved on to something else.

Mr Tint has been operating as ADS Window Films, since 1999 with over 8000 happy customers who in some cases have brought 5 or 6 cars to us. In this time, we have seen many companies come and go over the years we have been trading. For added peace of mind, have your car tinted by Mr Tint, a professional, established company, with a warranty you can trust.

4 - Fixed location conveniently located close to the centre of town

Mr Tint's fixed premises is conveniently situated close to Plymouth City Centre with the main city centre shops just a short stroll away, or The Hoe is even closer should you prefer a pleasant stroll, whilst your car is being tinted. Car Parking is also available should you wish to come and see us to discuss your car tinting requirements.

Please contact Mr Tint now on 01752 252583 to discuss your car tinting requirements or indeed any aspect of car tints.