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Approx 5% sunlight penetration

Dark Tint

Approx 20% sunlight penetration

Medium Tint

Approx 35% sunlight penetration

Light Tint

Approx 50% sunlight penetration

Health and other Benefits of Car Tints by Mr Tint

Protection for you and your family: Skin - Furnishings - Valuables

The Damage:-

  • UV rays from the sun travel through the windows in your car and home
  • It is widely documented that exposure to these rays can lead to skin cancer and premature aging
  • UV rays are also known to cause irreparable fading to furnishings
  • Transparent windows leave valuables on display for opportunist thieves
Children in rear of car benefiting from effects of car tinting

The Facts:-

Research showed that drivers with left-hand drive developed more skin damage on the left side of their bodies, while those with right-hand drive developed more damage on the right. "Long-time drivers are found to have rougher, more pigmented skin with greater solar damage on their driver's side," noted Albert Kligman, MD, PhD, emeritus professor of dermatology, University of Pennsylvania Medical School, Philadelphia.

The Solution:-

An application of Solar Gard window film will block over 99% of the sun's harmful rays, providing protection of at least SPF 285, without reducing visibility.

  • Protects you and your families skin against the harmful and potential skin damage of the sun's UV rays
  • Protects your car furnishings from fading or in the case of leather, drying out
  • Tinted film offers protection to your belongings
  • Increases interior vehicle comfort by reducing hot spots
  • And it looks really smart too!

Mr Tint has been supplying and installing the widest possible range of window films since 1999. We pride ourselves on our reputation to provide our clients with both the best available products on the market, together with our professional approach and service we believe to be second to none.

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