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Approx 5% sunlight penetration

Dark Tint

Approx 20% sunlight penetration

Medium Tint

Approx 35% sunlight penetration

Light Tint

Approx 50% sunlight penetration

Car Window Tinting

Car Tints by Mr Tint

Car tinting - the application of car window tints (i.e. automotive window film applied to your car or vehicle's windows) is a great way to improve the look of your vehicle and greatly enhance the comfort levels while you are driving. Car tinting also affords certain health benefits, by blocking harmful UV rays, as well as increasing safety and security.

Benefits of car tints

Car window film has a multitude of properties and some of the major benefits of tinting your car or vehicle are as follows:-

  • Reduces UV radiation by up to 99%
  • Improved comfort in car while driving
  • Blocking of scorching heat
  • Reduced glare
  • Reduce the need for air conditioning in the car
  • Increased safety by preventing glass from shattering
  • Increased security by strengthening glass and deterring car crime
  • Improved visual security
  • Reduced fading to interior of car
Car tinted by Mr Tint - Car Tinting Specialists

UV protection and comfort

Car window tints will block an extremely high percentage of harmful UV rays, whilst still allowing visible light through the car windows thus protecting your children and other passengers from the harmful effects of UV radiation, a hidden killer. This blocking effect also assists in increasing the comfort levels, whilst driving, for you and other passengers by blocking scorching heat and reducing glare. Car tints will also reduce the need for your air conditioning to be on, in extremely hot weather, thus helping to reduce your motoring costs.

You will all know the damage the sun's rays can cause to fabric, if you have ever left a garment on the rear parcel shelf for any length of time! Car window film will help reduce fading of fabrics and to the interior upholstery of your car.

Safety and security

Safety and Security is also a major concern for the discerning motorist. The application of car window tints can, however, help ease this worry. During the car tinting process, the car window films are bonded tightly to the glass which helps to hold shattered windows together when broken. This will protect you and others from flying glass during an accident and can help thwart car thieves once they have initially tried to break the glass. Tinted car window films can also help to conceal any possessions from would-be thieves.

Car tints

Car window tints are available in a wide variety of colours and shades, all containing scratch resistant coatings and are covered by a factory warranty. The main car tints we supply are Limousine, Dark Tint, Medium Tint and Light Tint, illustrated over in the right hand column. It is worth noting the current regulations with regard tinting of windscreens and front side windows, on our Legal page, although it is perfectly legal to apply clear UV protection films to these. There are no restrictions on tinting rear and rear side windows. Why not contact us now to discuss any car window tinting requirements you have.

Mr Tint is the specialist car tinting trading arm of ADS Window Films Ltd, who can provide a complete 'flat glass' window film solution, to suit your every requirement, in both the Commercial and Residential sectors.

Please contact Mr Tint now on 01752 252583 for a free car tints quote or for further information concerning any aspect of car window tinting.